Happiness Factory

Collectables, publishing products and premiums.
The strongest licenses and brands of the moment. World leaders in the satisfaction of customers and children of all ages.

  • The Rollinz of Star Wars

    When a premium becomes a social phenomenon.

  • Stikeez

    The 3D that changed the rules of Fidelity.

  • The Ferrari 1:8

    A high quality Die-Cast model to challenge the most demanding collectors.
  • Rollinz
  • Stikeez
  • prodotti per loyalty & fidelity
  • loyalty gdo
  • fidelity gdo
  • Loyalty & Fidelity gdo
prodotti per loyalty & fidelity

Contamination, Research, Innovation.

The transversal experience in many business areas, the knowledge of the toy industry, being at the centre of professional relationships and the presence at world fairs: These are just some examples of our dynamism, which allow us to have a vision that goes further than today and perceive tomorrow’s achievements. Our decision- making ability leads us to create new markets that had not existed before.