“What time do we play?”

Enrico Grani, CEO of Grani&Partners

“What time do we play?”

“What is genius? It’s imagination, intuition, decision and speed of execution”
– Il Perozzi, extract from the movie ‘Amici Miei’.

If only he was not the administrator of a company, Enrico Grani would have all the characteristics of a child: contagious enthusiasm, constantly looking for novelty and eager to get contaminated by the surrounding world. ‘Chico’ is like that and the success of the company, which he directs in collaboration with his brothers, is due to his personality. Instead of mastering a particular competence, he is Mr ‘do-it-all’, the one who plays well in different areas of the field: He is dynamic, hard to man-mark, he’s got the game vision and dictates the timing in a constantly evolving market. These are rare goods.

Enrico Grani
“What time do we play?”
Enrico Grani, CEO of Grani&Partners

The child inside us

“Those who forget the child inside will regret it for the rest of their life”.
– Pablo Neruda

Supported by a motivated team of licensing and family marketing experts, Chico is now a recognized trendsetter of Loyalty&Fidelity, Promotion, Partwork, Publishing and Promo Food. He is often around the major international trade fairs, but always with the desire, as a real Modenese, to return to feel the atmosphere of his hometown and update all his employees in front of a table laden with food.

Although his business is now worldwide spread, the heart of Grani&Partners continues to beat in Modena. Apparently, in this area the magical balance between business and desire to live is concentrated, allowing people to stay with an open and light mind while dedicating to their job.

Little things ...

“Growing up you get to learn that happiness is made of small but precious things”.
– Richard Bach

A mix that has incidentally allowed the company to become the factory of successful products, the ideal partner for licensors, companies and publishers worldwide.

This has been possible especially thanks to a Modenese child who has never stopped playing.