Corporate structure

Grani & Partners

Our corporate structure is represented by a 80% stake of Giochi Preziosi Group, and a 20% of La Portile, the holding company of Grani family.

We operate in many different areas – Loyalty & Fidelity, Promotional Food, Partwork, Newsstand and Promotional, with a turnover of € 41.7 million for 2017 and a staff of 74 people.

Through our subsidiaries – Grani & Partners Hong Kong, Grani & Partners China Ltd, Grani & Partners NingBo Ltd – we are able to select the best suppliers in Asia and to guarantee the highest quality and safety standards, providing our customers with excellent products under every aspect.

In turn, our company holds a minority stake of Preziosi Food, a food company leader in the market segment of chips with gadgets, small chocolate eggs and Easter chocolate eggs with gadget.

Il Gruppo Giochi Preziosi

Founded in 1978, Giochi Preziosi Group is one of the largest players in the Toy industry worldwide.

For our company, being part of Preziosi Group has been a distinctive element of extreme strategic value over the years: since we are deeply immersed in the toy world, it has contributed to nourishing our knowledge and our transversal skills.

La Portile

This is the financial company belonging to the three Grani brothers (Giuliano, Antonio, Enrico).

La Portile Group is a structured company, with several leading companies in their respective market sectors and a very diversified business model. Its activities range from the management of ski facilities on Monte Cimone, to the production of sausage guts, to real estate and to the production of promotional items and small gadgets.