Prodotti per loyalty & fidelity Rollinz

The Rollinz of Star Wars

When a premium becomes a social phenomenon.

The challenge

To innovate the world of loyalties once again with a bold project: To combine product and license to make our customers’ loyal consumers even happier.
To create a premium that can tell a story, that can be desired by the little ones and appreciated by the big ones, respecting the budget of our client.
An extremely complex operation, a challenge and a new project.

  • The Rollinz of Star Wars

    When a premium becomes a social phenomenon.

  • loyalty & fidelity rollinz

Rollinz 1.0

  • rollinz r2 d2
  • Rollinz Yoda
  • Rollinz Iuke
  • rollinz darth maul
  • rollinz darth vader
  • Rollinz chewbecca

The solution:
The Rollinz of Star Wars

A premium linked to one of the most famous and iconic entertainment licenses. Star Wars: A saga that for the old ones represents a world full of memories with the taste of lost-and-found things, while for children is a new world to discover.

Esselunga, besides being a Retailer able to give value and satisfy its customers, it is also the banner where “magic” takes place, thanks to which father and son find a common element and union.

The premium resumes in a fun and ironic way the contents of the classic saga. It is a true collectible toy, which has showed to have style and look good even on an office desk.

Rollinz 2.0

  • Rollinz Finn
  • Rollinz yoda Gold
  • Rollinz Guardia Pretoriana
  • Rollinz Kylo Ren
  • Rollinz
  • Rollinz

Rollinz 2.0

After the first edition’s success, the Rollinz are back with a new stellar collection. 31 new characters, including 7 rare, have triggered a fever that, for the second time, has infected children, parents, relatives and friends. A success that is renewed, a magic that is repeated.