Safety, Quality, Mastery


We are masters of the product. We are a factory. We work respecting and exceeding all safety and quality standards; our products travel all over the world.
We have expertise on numerous product categories, and we offer the best value for money and the best efficiency for 3D, collectible, plush, die cast and partwork.

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Certifications and Quality

We work only with highly specialized, qualified and certified suppliers. We have several active advisors and a consolidated relationship with U.L. – Underwriters Laboratories and the Italian Toys Safety Institute – who are responsible for conducting safety tests at every stage of design and production.

We have our direct inspectors who are responsible for periodic inspections. We invest over $350,000 a year to carry out Safety Area Tests.

All our products are certified and compliant with the EC Directive (or non-EU directive where necessary) regarding the safety of the Toy.

Our products are released on the market after passing all necessary tests and inspections.

certificazione Giocattoli Sicuri      certificazione UL