Rollinz 2.0

A success beyond all expectations

A success beyond all expectations

Grani & Partners celebrates the great success of the Rollinz 2.0 Star Wars

A success beyond all expectations: The Rollinz Star Wars 2.0 of Grani & Partners/Brand Loyalty, chosen by Esselunga for their promotional initiative, have surpassed the record number of 60 million copies distributed to Esselunga customers over the two-month duration initiative. Therefore, on average every Italian owns a Rollinz.

The miniature reproductions of the characters of Star Wars – Episode 8, as happened two years before with the Rollinz Star Wars linked to episode 7, have triggered the treasure hunt to complete the collection of 24 characters, to be included in the collector form of Star Destroyer, and of the 7 rare characters. A fever that, for the second time after the success of the 2016 edition, has infected both children and their parents, relatives and neighbors who are also involved in the frantic search for characters to complete the collection, to such an extent that Esselunga wanted to organize official exchange sessions in its stores, in addition to the countless spontaneous initiatives generated anywhere on the web, to allow its customers to complete the collection.

Enrico Grani’s satisfaction is understandable: “ Rationally, I never would have imagined – because instinct instead gave me the classic thrill that, occasionally, inexplicably, I happen to “feel” – that a simple strange mushroom-shaped prototype, seen one day in the midst of hundreds of other products in one of our trusted factories in China, could generate a phenomenon with such resonance. I thank first of all Brand Loyalty and Esselunga, who first recognized the strength of this project, then the whole team of Grani & Partners that, as always happens, has made the realization of my idea possible.

Massimo Gonzi – our General Manager – points out that this is one of the biggest marketing successes that have ever occurred.
We are a company that works a lot with products for children, we are part of Preziosi Group, whose core business is the sale of toys. We know that parents are often conditioned by their children when they openly express their preferences for one toy rather than another. Thanks to the support of Disney’s Star Wars characters along with the excellent organization of the initiative created by Brand Loyalty and above all with Esselunga’s great communication strength, we expected this product to spark the interest of children. However, we really did not expect a success like the one recorded. We received calls from friends and acquaintances who told us they had to change their shopping habits to chase the Rollinz, and all in all they did it with pleasure. A fantastic example of family involvement around a successful marketing event. Disney and Lucas Film believed and helped us from the very beginning”.

Another important success signed by our company.