Vision and values

“Everyone who works with us is a partner.
Interpersonal relations are vital for us,
and this vision encompasses everyone who works with us,
alongside our customers and the end consumers.”
(Enrico Grani – CEO Grani&Partners S.p.A.)

Here at Grani&Partners, children are the inspiration for our business. We envisage products which allow children to enter a world of play, where they can express their imagination in the utmost safety, accompanied by their favourite characters.

At Grani&Partners, our core values are respect, creativity, and flexibility.

  • That’s why our suppliers offer impeccable production standards and ethical working method ways.
  • That’s why we monitor every stage of the production process, focusing special care and attention on the quality of the end product.
  • That’s why all our articles undergo stringent testing by the Italian Institute for Toy Safety, so that the products we market provide maximum safety.
  • And that’s why we carry out regular market analyses and invest in research and development, examining concepts and materials – so that we can offer our customers innovative products that meet their needs in all aspects.

At Grani&Partners, this is known as “Total Quality” and it is a goal towards which we work within a corporate culture based on various principles, including teamwork, research, and the exchange of ideas. We foster enterprise, encourage learning from past experience, and stimulate a successful, positive mindset, and this mentality is shared broadly among the members of the group and all those who work with us.