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Once final product approval has been obtained from the customer and the licensor, we can start work on the production, making sure all the arrangements and agreed delivery terms are met.

Depending on the kind of project and the features of the articles required, we will choose the most suitable supplier from our shortlist of factories. Production may take place in Italy or in Europe, under the control of Grani&Partners Italia, or in the Far East, managed by Grani&Partners Hong Kong.

Either way, our long-established method ensures we are always highly competitive as regards both the range of products supplied and the production and delivery times. We also take pride in upholding all our contractual arrangements, managing our relationships with the high levels of confidentiality we know are appreciated.

Production in Italy/Europe (Grani&Partners Italia)

The Italian office of Grani&Partners contacts the supplier and supervises the production cycle, in order to guarantee the quality of the work.

Grani&Partners Italia also requires that the supplier provides all the safety certificates required by European regulations for the materials used.

Production in the Far East (Grani&Partners Hong Kong/Shenzhen/NingBo)

With its carefully selected directory of specialised suppliers, Grani&Partners HK can provide any kind of merchandising article, ​​in any material, with a high level of flexibility.

Once we have contacted the most suitable supplier and started the process, every step of the production cycle is overseen by our engineers and inspectors in Shenzhen and NingBo, who are responsible for checking both product quality and ethical working conditions at the factories.

What’s more, the Italian Institute for Toy Safety, with whom we have had a close working relationship for some time now, accompanies us every step of the way. The Institute works alongside us, providing ongoing technical support and carrying out stringent safety tests on the products, to ensure everything we produce is fully compliant with EU toy safety directives.