Preziosi CollectionGrani Partners’  Publishing Division, develops licensed and unlicensed collectible publishing products which are distributed through newsagents.

Offering a winning combination of innovation, on-trend ideas, playability, and affordability, Preziosi Collection has earned itself a position among the industry’s brand leaders. Our collections always coincide with major events in the world of entertainment (the biggest cartoons, films, TV, or music…) or sports (football, motorcycling, etc) and their launch is always accompanied by massive TV campaigns on the most popular channels watched by the target group.

 Our products stand out from the rest because of the care and attention we pour into both our publishing products (in terms of style, graphics, and content) and the covermounts. These include, in particular, sticker album collections, card collections, card games, fashion accessories, figurines, mini-playsets, and digital cards that allow interaction through both digital content accessed through apps, on smartphones or tablets, and conventional features.

 That is why Preziosi Collection is often chosen as a preferred supplier by other big names in the world of publishing and distribution through newsagents, who appreciate our development of specific projects for age groups including children and teens.

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