Loyalty & fidelity

Effectively building customer loyalty is essential for a business as it ensures real returns on your investment, especially over the medium to long term.

Thanks to its extensive experience targeting families with children, who are the main intended users of many loyalty programs, Grani&Partners can offer high-appeal products for loyalty&fidelity initiatives. Based on a successful combination of originality , quality, safety and, of course, the right license, we provide corporate customers with products guaranteed to meet all the wishes and desires of the general public.

In particular, we specialise in the manufacture of paper and board products, such as stickers, cards, and digital cards, as well as figurines and soft toys in all shapes and sizes.

The high degree of flexibility offered by Grani&Partners, alongside the enterprising spirit and passion reflected in our work, has allowed us to earn the role of preferred partner to all the major companies in the industry worldwide.

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