Grani&Partners S.p.A. is a B2B company that specialises in the supply of merchandising articles, publishing products, and collectibles, which can be either licensed or unlicensed and are aimed at sectors including loyalty&fidelity, promotional products, partworks, and publishing.

Grani&Partners offers you an across-the-board service designed to help you develop your business, because customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

We can do this because we have the following strengths:

  • over thirty years in the industry
  • competent, flexible, and dedicated staff
  • a strong presence in the Far East, with three branches located in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, and Ningbo, all run by Italian staff
  • a fully optimised production process accompanied by customised solutions
  • the performance of regular inspections and checks at the facilities throughout the production cycle
  • an on-going tight-knit relationship with the Italian Institute for Toy Safety, which conducts safety tests on the goods we produce
  • ongoing investment in Research and Development
  • unending focus on quality Italian design and product innovation

These are the reasons why all the major companies and corporate groups worldwide recognise our work and remain loyal customers of our company.