Mission and strategy

“…growing up you learn that happiness is made of small yet precious things… ”
(Richard Bach)

Grani&Partners was born out of a passion, the desire to make children happy.

Giving children the opportunity to interact with the characters they love, to make up stories, and lose themselves in creative activities, reading – or any other pastime they pluck out of their imagination – is our mission.

This is the underlying theme running through all the products made by Grani&Partners, for sectors that span from loyalty & fidelity and promotional merchandise, through to partwork, publishing, and children’s rides.

Grani&Partners’ success in these areas is due, primarily, to the invariable and professional participation of a creative, tight-knit team, which has always shared an enthusiastic approach to business and close ties with the world of children.

Grani&Partnersability to turn new ideas and solutions into successful products is based on certain factors which we deem essential, such as the continuous monitoring of the target audience, investments in research and development, participation in major trade fairs, careful control of the quality and safety of the products marketed, and the close, long-lasting partnership we have established with big-name licensors worldwide.