Giochi Preziosi Group

Founded in 1978, the group built up its reputation by throwing itself into research and development activities to create new products, establishing an extensive distribution network for toys manufactured by leading companies worldwide, and by making expert decisions regarding licensing opportunities. As a result, Giochi Preziosi Group is now one of the biggest names in the world toy industry.

Within the group, Grani&Partners S.p.A. is the key company for areas such as loyalty & fidelity, promotional articles, partwork products, publishing products, and children’s rides, while subsidiaries Preziosi Food s.r.l. (with trademarks Dolci Preziosi and Salati Preziosi) and Mitica Food s.r.l. handle the food market.

Given the reciprocal nature of the corporate structure, belonging to Giochi Preziosi Group has enabled Grani&Partners to guarantee excellence in the field of licensing and product development, meeting the needs of an increasingly demanding customer base at every opportunity.