• 2002

Grani&Partners S.p.A. was founded in 2002 by the Grani brothers (proprietors of La Portile s.r.l., who hold a 40% share in the company) and Enrico Preziosi ( Giochi Preziosi Group, holder of a 60% stake) following the acquisition of Giocoplast Promotion, another well established  name in the field of promotional items and premiums (by La Portile s.r.l. in 1980).

Empowered by the backing of Grani&Partners HK Ltd. (which was  set up in Hong Kong to select the best suppliers in the Far East for the parent company and handle relations between these suppliers and Italy throughout the production cycle, up to delivery of the end product), within just a few years Grani&Partners has earned itself a leading position in Italy. We now manufacture licensed partwork products and promotional items, as well as corporate merchandise and premiums featuring the most successful brands from the world of entertainment in the youth market (4-14 year olds).

Based on this growth and the huge demand for licensed products in various other sectors, Grani&Partners S.p.A. has been developing and diversifying its business activities and target markets since  2003, gradually expanding into what is now Grani&Partners Group.

• 2003

With the acquisition of a 60% share in Mitica Food s.r.l. in 2003, the group joined the food market, bringing an established name in savoury snacks  under its umbrella and launching its own brand, Salati Preziosi.

• 2005

In 2005, we went on to set up Preziosi Collection, the publishing division which specialises in the creation of licensed collectible publications targeting the youth market that are distributed through newsagents.

With a view to improving B2B services, Grani&Partners China Ltd. was established in Shenzhen (China)in the same year. With a staff consisting mainly of engineers and quality inspectors, this subsidiary is responsible for monitoring local suppliers and the goods produced, carrying out quality checks on a regular  basis.

• 2007

Next, in 2007, Grani&Partners acquired a  60 % share in Dolci Preziosi s.r.l., carving out a place for itself within the confectionery market, with the production of Easter eggs, chocolate eggs, and other licensed products featuring gifts.

• 2008

In 2008, following the merger of winning brands Dolci Preziosi and Salati Preziosi, the new company was renamed Preziosi Food s.r.l., which is, today, the market’s leading food group.

• 2011

Since 2011, Grani&Partners has stepped up its activities in the promotional sector through expansion into foreign markets. Today, its highly structured sales network ensures the company can supply its products to corporate customers and publishers in 65 different countries.

Establishing another China-based business – Grani&Partners NingBo Ltd. - with a view to providing support for the Shenzhen branch, the group then  moved into the loyalty & fidelity sector. Achieving considerable success immediately, trade agreements were entered into with key agencies in both Italy and worldwide.

With over thirty years of experience to its name, backed by ongoing research and development, a tight-knit relationship with the Chinese subsidiaries, and constant collaboration with Giochi Preziosi Group, Grani&Partners is the ideal partner for licensors, companies, and publishers the world over. It offers a vast range of quality products, featuring strategically innovative concepts and major brand names, along with the most popular licenses on the market.

• 2013-2014

Today, Grani&Partners Group has reported a new worth of € 84.4 mln (consolidated turnover, financial statements for year ending 30/06/13), reflecting the indisputably impressive growth and diversification of its business.