Keith Haring

Style, genius, transgression.

License agreement

Keith Haring is one of the most famous artists of the twentieth century, whose style and art have entered strongly in the collective imagination of all generations. His works are fresh, immediate, provocative at times, extremely impactful and indelible.
Born from the street-art movement, Keith Haring’s illustrations have been one of the main decorative elements of countless merchandising product categories for over 20 years.
Keith Haring is style, genius, transgression. Keith Haring is an icon.
Grani&Partners recently acquired the license agreement (*) for the territories of Europe, Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam.
For the duration of the contract, G&P will be able to develop Backpacks, Bags, Briefcases, Trolleys and similar items decorated with the unmistakable motifs of the American artist.

(*) Channels: Retailers – whose primary business is retail food sales.